K-5 Class Information


Ms. Teresa Yurchis - tyurchis@jcs-inc.org

Class Color: Yellow

For a list of Ms. Yurchis' favorite things CLICK HERE

First Grade- 

Ms. Trish Candia - pcandia@jcs-inc.org

Class Color: Red

For a list of Ms. Candia's favorite things CLICK HERE

Second Grade-

Mrs. Lauren McKiernan - lmckiernan@jcs-inc.org

Class Color: Blue

For a list of Mrs. McKiernan's favorite things CLICK HERE

Third Grade-

Mrs. Donna Gillette - dgillette@jcs-inc.org

Class Color: Green

For a list of Mrs. Gillette's favorite things CLICK HERE

Fourth Grade-

Mrs. Christina Wilson - cmwilson@jcs-inc.org

Class Color: Purple 

For a list of Mrs. Wilson's favorite things CLICK HERE

Fifth Grade-

Mrs. Laura Peak - lpeak@jcs-inc.org

Class Color: Orange 

For a list of Mrs. Peak's favorite things CLICK HERE


Academy Coordinator- Mrs. Conerly -  cconerly@jcs-inc.org

For a list of Mrs. Conerly's favorite things CLICK HERE

Academy Secretary- Mrs. Herkert - gherkert@jcs-inc.org

For a list of Mrs. Herkert's favorite things CLICK HERE