Youth Husky T-Shirt News

JCS Manzanita Elementary PTO

We have so many new families joining us that we ran out of size small and medium in youth. We are placing an order and should have them by the Husky Pride Spirit Day on 9/26. We will notify everyone when the shirts arrive. Thank you for your patience!

Is This You?

JCS Manzanita Elementary PTO

We are still looking to fill Committee positions for the 2019/2020 school year. Here is a list of available positions and details of the role. If you feel like one of these would be a good fit for you, please contact the PTO board at We are looking to get these positions filled at our first meeting on 08.28.19. Yearbook Chairperson-  Take photos at school activities throughout the year and work with school staff and students to publish yearbook. This may require monthly meetings with yearbook staff to complete yearbook if you are getting students involved.  Fundraising Chairperson-  Choose and...

First Day of School

JCS Manzanita Elementary PTO

First day of school is Monday, August 19th. Drop-off begins at 8:30. Classes begin promptly a 9AM. Please do not park in the school lot, or in the Fed Ex Parking lot. 

Back to School Orientation

JCS Manzanita Elementary PTO

Back to School Orientation is 8/14/19 at 3PM. Parents will have an opportunity to meet teachers and learn about their child's classes and classroom expectations. Parents will also sign Master Agreements. Master Agreements MUST be signed before students can attend classes on the first day of school.  **This is a parent ONLY meeting. Please no students. 

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